Ben Wilson

Ben Wilson


Ben and Spirit Elite.  Photo Credit: Bob Walker.

Radio-controlled soaring is one of my major hobbies. I started flying small electric-powered airplanes in the Spring of 2001 with the aid and tutelage of my buddy David, and soon enough “graduated” to the majestic art of thermal-hunting with radio-controlled sailplanes (né gliders). I have built a number of planes and have also done of number of ancilliary projects related to radio-controlled flight in general. Below you can browse my exploits in this hobby, and for further information on the hobby you can check out my local club's website:, which I designed and developed.



Currently in Rotation

Thermal Duration

Big gliders, normally about 10' in wingspan. Meant for thermal hunting!


Heavy, shorter-winged gliders meant for flying off of steep hills. Go fast!

Hand Launched Gliders

60’ gliders weighing under 10oz, thrown from the wingtip to about 150' in the air.

  • XP-5 - Composite Discus-Launch Glider
  • SideWinder II - Polecat Pinko discus launched glider!
  • XP-3 - Composite Discus-Launch Glider

In the Rafters

  • Red Herring - Micro EPS foam side-arm launched glider.

Met Untimely Deaths

Sold or Passed on

  • Citation - 120" bagged v-tail ship. Built in Kentucky!
  • Spirit Elite - 2-meter ARF, full-house trainer


  • Travel Boxen - Cheap, sturdy boxes to pack your planes.
  • Workbench - If you work on models, you need a big, flat work area. These are easy to construct and light on the wallet
  • PVC flight stand - All PVC plane stand for a couple of bucks.
  • Lost Model Alarm - DIY microprocessor controlled Lost Model Alarm.
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