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Ben Wilson


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Hi. My name is Ben Wilson.

I was born in Louisville, Kentucky in 1978. Save for a brief two-year stint in Southern By-God Indiana, I have lived in the River City all of my life. I grew up in the East End (Middletown, to be specific), and now reside in Hikes Point. For those of you who lived in Louisville, the next obvious question is “Where did you go to high school?” Glad you asked! I graduated from Eastern High School in 1996. I attended the University of Louisville, and escaped with a bachelor’s degree in Computer Information Systems (CIS) in the Winter of 2000.

Kelly rides the pork

Early on in my collegiate career, I met and fell in love with Kelly Brockman. After college, we married in April of 2002, and have been happily married ever since. On the professional side of things, I am currently a web-developer / systems designer / what-have-you for Power Creative, an advertising agency here in Louisville.

Ben in Hawaii

I love web design and development. I do it for a living, and have also done a fair amount of freelance work, in addition to numerous personal side-projects, most notable being the weblog, which I wrote from scratch. Aside from that, I have a great admiration (infatuation) of silent flight with model sailplanes, DIY electronics, and photography. I’m also a big music fan and listen to just about everything at least once. If I had to choose a sport that I like above all others, it’d have to be baseball (which I’ve been known to play on occassion), with soccer being a close second. I’m also a big fan of cinema. Politically, I lean to the left on most issues, but do have a fairly strong libertarian streak in me as well.

The name "thelocust" actually did come from the indie band The Locust, but I’ll admit to only having listened to a couple of tracks from them. The real reason why I used it is because I stole a shirt from my brother once before I went bowling. The shirt said "thelocust" on the front and "I ain’t workin’ for the man no more" on the back. I proceeded to bowl the best game in my life. The nickname seemed to stick for whatever reason. Sure, I’ve probably outgrown it by now, but it’s got 5 years of history behind it now!

I blog because I enjoy writing. However, up until recently I don’t think I’ve really had a feel for it. There is something about being able to broadcast to the world anything that pops into my head. If I had a t-shirt that said "I (heart) the intarweb", you know I’d wear it.

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