Ben Wilson

Ben Wilson

Ben Wilson in Hawaii

This is the website of a one Ben Wilson, a man in a town name of Louisville, in the great state of Kentucky in the United States of America.

He is a blogger, a web-developer, a lover of good beer, a student of baseball and total nerd about bikes and remote-control sailplanes. You can read more about Ben if you'd like, or you can peruse the many photographs in his gallery.

Ben is married to Kelly, who also blogs. She trained for and completed the 2008 Louisville IronMan triathlon on August 31st. She blogged about it here: Wanna Tri Some?. I've documented her race here: Kelly Wilson... You are an Ironman!.

Kelly gave birth to their first child, Amelia Brockman Wilson on July 14th 2009. You can read more in the blog under the category of "Baby".

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