Ben Wilson

Ben Wilson

XP-3 Discus Launch Glider


The XP-3 is a high-performance, competition-grade all-composite discus launched glider (DLG) from PoleCat Aeroworks. After joining LASS, and seeing the guys in the club hurl these nimble little gliders up into the heavens, I was bit by the bug, and in August 2004 I managed to procure a heavily used XP-3 from a clubmate. In October, I travelled to the 2004 East Coast Hand Launched Glider Festival (ECHLGF) in Wilson, North Carolina and took 3rd place in the "Sportsman" class competition over two days!

These planes are really great and are tribute to the excellent craftsman who design and manufacture their kits. To withstand the intense forces put on them by the act of discus-launching, they have to be VERY strong, but to perform well they have to be VERY light. Normally these two things are mutually exclusive, but the top-end of these gliders can be launched some 150 feet and weight close to 9 ounces all-up.

I should mention that I owe a great deal of gratitude to Bruce Davidson and Ken Marks, both local clubmates, for helping me out with this great niche of the R/C soaring hobby.


  • Servos: 2 x Dymond D60's (flaperons), 2 x JR NES241's (rudder, elevator)
  • Receiver: Berg 5 DSPII (vertical pins)
  • Battery: 4 x 330 mah 2/3 AAA NiMHs


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