Ben Wilson

Ben Wilson


I enjoy learning things, and from time to time, I get ideas. That idea usually involves some trivial piece of technology afforded by other technolgies. Sometimes there are standards involved that I revel in conforming to and sometimes not. Somewhere in between my willingness to learn, my ideas, and these standards lie the projects you see before you. They are all in one way or another free to copy, modify, or use -- “free as in speech, not free as in beer”, as they say. Enjoy.


  • bencam - win32 python-powered secure webcam app
  • instant manservant (IMS) - modular bot framework for instant messaging
  • instantRSS - php-powered RSS feed maker for any site
  • mpy3 (em-pie-three) - python-powered mp3 management for the home or auto
  • phpFeed - php-powered RSS feed reader/display tool
  • snow2.js - ridiculous javascript toy with exploding snowflakes
  • patches - patches for other programs, scripts, etc
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