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the finest in exploding snowflake javascript toys -- in time for the holidays!

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v1.3 2006-12-22

What is it?

snow2.js is a toy, original written by some unnamed do-gooder, modified by ol’ ben, but in all honestly, it was a javascript exercise, and a great way to relieve holiday tension.

Where do i get it?

Download it from me.

I also suggest getting the snowflake and explosion images from me as well. I suggest this HIGHLY, because I might give away software for free (as in speech), but I don’t give away bandwidth for free (as in beer). So, DO NOT LINK THOSE IMAGES FROM ME. Thanks.

Where can I see it?

Demo? You want a demo? Okay, here’s your demo!

How do I use it?

  1. download it.
  2. make a page and use some syntax like this:
  3. Configure the options in the script:
    • no - number of snowflakes
    • speed - the lesser the number, the faster the flakes fall!
    • bStartImmediately - 1 will start snowing immediately, 0 will start on button click.
    • imgSnowflake - URL to the image you’d like to use.
    • imgExplode - URL to the "explode" image.
    • bExplode - 1 makes flakes explode on click, 0 not.

Where’d it come from?

snow2.js is a modification of snow.js, which can be found at You can also download a copy of snow.js from me. It was written long ago, and the browser detection didn't work right anymore, So I fixed it up. And by "fixing it up", I mean I added pause, start/stop buttons, and when you click the snowflakes they explode. Happy? Yeah.

Why doesn’t it work in HotJava v0.1B or IE 3.0 or insert old browser here?

Because I hate old browsers. Firefox 1.5+ or IE6+ work great. Use them.

What do you want from ME??

nothing but that you A) don’t take my name off the code and B) you drop me a line if you use the stuff :)

Contact Me

If you are using this little toy, drop me a line! I’d love to hear from you.

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