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03.25.2003 - many little bits of news. first up, Paul Jennings has submitted a huge clean-up and restructuring of MPy3 to me, and with that kick in the ass, I’ve put it up into CVS@SourceForge. Paul has managed to get this thing working on OSX with iTunes (or so I’ve been told!). Hopefully this will all spur some more worthwhile development in the very near future!

02.21.2002 - released another prerelease today, mpy3-2.1-pre4! Include a number of changes, fixes, cleanups, and new features, including a "help" screen for each screen (’cause i was always forgetting what keys i had mapped), some playlist cleanups, better song title/artist detection, an mpg123 library for mp3 playing, and uh, stuff! Thanks be to Paul Jennings for a huge patch (and the pylircinput library!), and for kicking me back into the project! Go and download the stuff now... we are well on the way to 2.1!

02.03.2002 - received a patch for pyCfontz to fix some cursor-movement issues. Thanks to Rupert Scammell (rupe[at]arrow[dot]yak[dot]net) for that little treat, he’s using pyCFontz in an app called "Alice", while all cute-and-unassuming-sounding appears to be a "mobile computing application server". Pretty wicked. Well, i’m happy to have helped, and i’m MORE than happy to get the patch. there is also a new tarball -- grab 2.1-pre3 here. It includes a patched, and his patch (in the new patches/ dir).

12.11.2001 - 2.1-pre2 is available for download -- is included now! you may need to hack it a little for your joystick (some axes are backwards, etc). try out in the root -- it should give you some decent information.

12.04.2001 - new development tarball is available for download -- includes the library. enjoy!

11.28.2001 - Final documentation has been completed, and MPy3 2.0 is ready for public consumption! Go and get it!

11.26.2001 - MPy3 2.0 nearly ready for primetime -- considerable speedups have been achieved, and with the exception of final code cleanup and a documentation pass, it will be ready to release. v2.1 is next up with the following stuff to be done: save/retrieve playlists and configuration files, support for parallel port LCDs, etc.

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