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Ben Wilson

ims (instant manservant)



so, apparently, more than a year ago I made some tweaks to IMS -- the 0.02 release. Well, you can go and download it on the downloads page. I can’t remember what changed, but soon they will be rendered obsolete on account of a new, big-ass patch from a concerned citizen. I’m also setting up CVS, so that will be available in the very near future.


the very, very, very first and uber-beta release of InstantManServant. get it here. I’ve included v1.1 in there for the moment -- the first stable release will not include this, and you’ll have to go get the latest. also there is little or no documentation at the moment -- give me time! It’s pretty simple, tho, and if you wanna write a module, just call it mod$, put it in your ims directory, add a [mod$whatever] section to the config file, and put active=1 under it. voila. use the "" file as an example. make sure you change the trigger value, too.

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