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ben wilson This is the blog of a one Ben Wilson, a Louisville, Kentucky native who enjoys baseball, beer, music, bikes, things that fly and good food. By day he pushes pixels and makes the Internet happen for a local advertising agency. His wife, Kelly is an Ironman, and his baby Amelia is the cutest thing ever.

oh, finally installed my playstation 2 network adapter (which I found at Sears, because no one goes there to buy that stuff).

The cavity on the back of that PS2 is in fact “large enough to live in in lean times” as Penny Arcade put it. Installation and setup was easy, though it does seem that the fun imagined by this thing is limited to the number of games you have. Hacking on this thing just hasn’t been invented yet, or my google-fu is weak, and we all know that isn’t the case :).

Aaaanyway, so this thing came with a networked demo of Frequency which is somewhere in between Dance Dance Revolution and Tempest. I have NO rhythm save for the beating of my own heart, but this game is fun fun fun! I also played Madden 2003 versus some chucklehut in gods-knows-where, and only thanks to my own ignorance of the game of football was he victorius. Best nickname seens amongst the throng playing last night — “Super Culo”. Yeah.

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I knew there was something a-stirring as I watched Adult Swim last night — turns out that Adult Swim is Adding 4 Nights a Week to it’s roster, starting January 12th! Futurama! Harvey Birdman! Yay!

Also — Sugar Ray is seen more in the media than Sugar Bear. I thought they sucked, what happened?

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turns out jackson was at the wake for my friend james (whom he knew as matt) eisenmeinger when he killed himself in february of 1997. this is the same jackson that was in the CIS program a UofL with me, grew up in a house a stones throw from our new home, and knows mike bucayu (sp?), who worked with geoff at ear x-tacy. geoff worked with me at Corvus… and so did Matt, who is all smoochy (tee-hee) with Sara, had a relationship of some sort with umm… Jessica?… who is now a fiance (i think) of John “Heywood” Erickson, who now lives in Texas. Heywood was very good friends with James, and with the rest of us. Now, I ask you — are there other towns out there that can compete on that level? I don’t think so.

How could I ever leave? I love this town.

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Dec 28 2002 ~ 2:25 am ~ Comments Off ~

went to go eat lunch with geoff today at the tasty Thai Smile 4, and not only did he pick me up — he gave me a copy of Creative Computing‘s Best of, Volume 3 (yes, the link points to volume 1) signed by David Ahl (of Hunt the Wumpus fame).

The articles within predate my being by about a year or so, and foretell with sometimes great accuracy the future of many things we take for granted (electronic funds transfer, video-discs). Really cool stuff :)

Anyway — thanks a bunch Geoff, I owes ya.

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so, jackson gave me a copy of Ken Layne‘s dot.con for Christmas (he caught me off guard with his charity!). Anyway… I started reading it last night. It’s pretty good so far. It reads quickly, and though I’m hardly one to judge good writing, as the books I’ve read could easily fit into a printer-paper box, and the writing is fast-paced if a bit overladen with odd detail.

This is just crazy, really. Me. Reading. Yes, yes! Crazy indeed. Thank you, Jackson. Thank you, Tolkein. Thank you, words.

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well, i had a great christmas day — for the first time in a long time, Kelly and I stayed home on Christmas day. I cooked a my “summery melange” of a vegetable soup, a turkey — something I will probably not do again — and Kelly cooked a rice salad, stuffing, and baked a pie. Our parents and friends dropped by and stayed a while.

Ronen and Jackson stopped by — and actually gave me gifts! Ronen gave me the “Jump the Sharkbook, and Jackson gave me Ken Layne’s dot.con, both of which I am excited to read-through. Truly, I didn’t expect either of them to come bearing gifts, and I truly appreciate the gesture.

I also got my Hebron t-shirt back from one of Kelly’s friends, whose house she had left it at years ago (almost 4, i think). It’s a terribly comfy shirt, and now it smells all purdy thanks to the women-folk who wore it :).

Sara was over as well, as well as Matt (Chanda), and Sara gave Ronen a remote-control rock climber, which we marvelled and struggled with with great aplomb. Chanda brought along some Shiner Bock and Hefeweizen beer from Texas, which was smooth and tasty!

Joe showed up for a little bit, though his Christmas was less pleasant that others for reasons I won’t discuss here. Our thoughts are with you, Joe.

So to all that came, thanks!

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i received an email from Sara Alcorn from the Boyd County GSA (or at least I assume that she is from the GSA) saying thanks to me for a post I did about a month ago (“boyd county is queer“). Here it is in its entirety (sans headers):


Although I am a month late on this letter of thanks – I thought it would
still be appropriate. I try to find e-mails for as many of the people who
have posted supportive notes/letters about us on their sites as possible,
and yours was one that I was lucky enough to find (kudos for making it

This is just a short e-mail to let you know that we saw, and appreciate your
“two punk rocks and a HELL YEAH!” ;o) If you haven’t been updated – all
clubs in our county, grades K-12, have been banned — Fred Phelps will be
here Jan. 12th & 13th — and a law suit was filed Monday against the school

Thank you again for voicing words of encouragement (every bit counts),

Sarah Alcorn, Junior co-starter of the (currently disbanded) Boyd County HS

For those of you who DON’T recognize Fred Phelp’s name — I think his website spells it out pretty quickly. Oh, as it turns out god hates fred phelps.

Hmm… makes me wonder what I’m doing on the 12th and 13th of January. Now where the hell IS Boyd County?

Anyway — to the now-defunct Boyd County GSA — an un-precedented THREE punk-rocks and a HELL YEAH!

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almost a week and nothing new — well, suffice it to say that work has been pretty busy for me this week, but i’m sure that is little recompense to my throngs of adoring public. for this, i offer you pictures of our cats around christmas. also included are pictures of our house around christmas. not to be forgotten are the pictures of our friends at the annual christmas party.

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icy theme!

i’ve added an “icy” color theme, which you may select by choosing your “theme” down on the right-nav panel. check it out. i like it a lot.

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i learned today during a whole-company meeting that our receptionist, Michael, had succumbed to cancer. He had been undergoing chemotherapy for quite some time, and was even at work on Friday (the 13th). He passed away early Saturday or Sunday morning. Michael was one of the nicest, most-hardworking (as his stint on Friday showed) people that I’d ever met. Now, he and I probably had no more than a couple of sentences worth of conversation in my 2.5 years here, but he still remembered my name, and we greeted each other by name.

Michael, even though you were a small part of my life, your absence has made an indelible mark.

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